Since 2002, Securicon has been defining what cybersecurity means for our customers, including the U.S. Cyber Command and the Department of Homeland Security. We have served as critical advisors in the Federal space, driving mission-critical objectives from the planning and design phase to implementation and support.

We don’t just work with Federal clients; Securicon expertly serves industries that are characterized by critical infrastructure environments, such as utilities and financial services. We safeguard everything from nuclear power systems and electric grids to customer data and digital assets. While these clients face many of the same threats as our Federal ones, we realize that they are also fighting for their reputations. One missed vulnerability could literally cost them millions of dollars and result in disruption of critical services to our communities.

At Securicon, we know that our clients depend on us. Our seasoned team of industry experts never settles for the status quo. We are always searching for ways to proactively eliminate weaknesses and neutralize threats.

When we partner with a client, we bring them into the Securicon family. Our team members aren’t random contractors that come and go with different contracts; we carefully select each employee. We value our family dynamic, and we know that our clients do, too.

With decades of combined experience at our fingertips, our recommendations are both tactical and strategic – and account for business goals and operations. We understand that budgets are limited, and actions must be prioritized. That’s why we offer our customers guidance that is both cost-effective and efficient.

With so much at stake in today’s information-rich world, no detail can be overlooked. We have led the industry since 2002, and we have never looked back. We are truly on the front lines of our customers’ defenses, stopping enemies in their tracks.


Paul W. Hurley