The Federal Risk Management Framework (RMF) process is integral to Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) compliance. Although it outlines minimum requirements to address daily threats, agency-specific initiatives are often needed to handle risks and vulnerabilities.

At Securicon, we believe that you shouldn’t play catch-up with your security processes. We provide a wide range of services that enable Federal information security managers to implement comprehensive, proactive security programs.

Based on your agency’s unique needs, our services fall into seven major categories:

1 . Risk Management Framework (RMF)

Security Planning and Documentation – Steps 1-3b
Security Assessment – Steps 4-4b
Continuous Monitoring – Step 6

2. Cyber Operations
3. Cybersecurity Operations
4. Systems Engineering Support
5. Security Program Development/Support
6. Technical Consulting Services
7. Governance, Risk And Compliance (GRC)

Experienced Guidance and Support

With skilled guidance and support, our Federal customers find it much easier to implement initiatives and programs that keep their agencies in compliance with FISMA and similar regulatory mandates. We give them the tools that they need to stay ahead of emerging threats, safeguarding their networks, systems, and applications.

Our experienced Security Services team maintains relevant security clearances and certifications, serving as an extension of the Federal manager’s internal security staff. Our engineers are recognized throughout the industry as among the best and brightest in the field – and we work hard for our customers to maintain that sterling reputation.

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Are you ready to confidently manage your RMF processes?

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