Securicon provides customers with operations support at the strategic, operational and tactical levels of cyberspace.  Core competencies include developing and implementing cyber vulnerability analysis and hunt policy and tactics; real-time identification and analysis of threats, and development of impact analysis across the battle space.


Securicon’s professional support services to DOD and other government entities include:
  • The development of unique manning and organizational constructs designed to meet the requirements of a dynamic and high-paced operational environment.
  • Creation and update of department-wide policies supporting cyberspace operations and doctrinal publications for a wide range of forces and staff elements.
  • Application of the joint planning process, joint intelligence preparation of the operational environment, and fundamental operational principles to the planning, preparation, and execution of the full range of military cyberspace operations.
  • Innovative and out-of-the-box concept development to identify and mature new methods of cyberspace capability employment and integration into the full spectrum of military operations.