Security Planning & Documentation  – Based on RMF steps 1-3b, Security Planning and Documentation services ensure adequate security controls are incorporated into the design of the system through logic, reasoning and a comprehensive understanding of the technical aspects of the system. These are then documented in the System Security plan to ensure the security controls are implemented so-as to adequately protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the system and the data it stores and processes.

Security Assessments – Based on RMF steps 4-4b, Securicon’s Security Controls Assessment ensures that the system’s controls have been implemented and that they are effective in protecting the system and its sensitive data.

Continuous Monitoring – As a central role in the RMF process, Continuous Monitoring provides organizations with near real-time insight into risk management. Each customer continuous monitoring program is often implemented in different ways to accomplish the mandated continuous monitoring functionality. Therefore, Securicon will work with each customer to ensure our services complement existing program capabilities to result in a strong program that results in secure networks and systems, while also ensuring compliance with the OMB-mandated RMF program requirements.