Managing Risk Through Reliable, Controlled Processes

Threats often create more risk than you think. They can infect valuable storage, compromise interconnected systems, and expose your assets to cybercriminals. The only way to effectively manage these potential threats is to evaluate them properly – both early and often.

We offer Risk Assessments that align with our clients’ business goals, helping them cost-effectively reduce both known and unknown risks. The Securicon team uses reliable, controlled processes that are regularly reviewed to ensure that our results are always relevant and compliant. By facilitating an acceptable level of risk and drawing attention to necessary control measures, our routine risk assessments serve as a fundamental component of risk management.

As set out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a risk assessment typically:

  • Collects threat and vulnerability data from external sources
  • Identifies and documents asset vulnerabilities, internal and external threats, and potential business impacts
  • Ascertains enterprise risk by analyzing threats, vulnerabilities, likelihoods, and effects
  • Pinpoints and prioritizes risk responses
Simplified, Productive Assessments

An accurate risk assessment helps Information Technology (IT) and security managers direct their budget expenditures, making the most out of every dollar spent. It also helps organizations comply with laws and regulations.

Unfortunately, organizations with multiple, diversified infrastructures often struggle with applying risk assessment results. With numerous assessments conducted across differing environments, interpreting actionable outcomes can be nearly impossible.

For customers who have various infrastructure environments, Securicon created AcuSec.

  • Simplifies the entire risk management process, highlighting vital, actionable details
  • Enables organizations of all sizes and cybersecurity maturity level to economically and effectively capture, track, and communicate risk.
  • Delivers current, best-practice techniques and tools to identify and justify targeted investments – regardless of whether the expenditure will be directed to the operational or enterprise network.

AcuSec combines risk assessment methodology with critical tools that allow organizations to associate risk assessments conducted in separate, disparate environments. With comprehensive, straightforward risk assessments, CIOs and CISOs can direct resources where they are needed most.

  • Critical Infrastructure
    • ICS
    • SCADA
    • CIP CVA Active
    • CIP CVA Paper
    • CIP 006 Physical
    • CIP 014 Physical
  • AcuSec Risk Assessment
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Are you managing your risks – or are they managing you?

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