White Paper Series

Part 1: Industry Fundamentals: Current State, Defects, Gaps and Journey

At the most basic levels, the information and physical security industries have the same principles and objectives. Whether the programs want to admit it or not, their only differences reside in some of the applications.

 Physical and information security have traditionally been disconnected from one another, and to some extent, the practitioners of each have embraced their autonomy.

Unfortunately, the divide between the two programs has become so deep and wide that they are now stranded on their own islands. Each is saddled with proprietary technology and insecure systems, hoping that capable hackers won’t target them first…

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Southern Company: A Powerhouse with a Purpose

Southern Company (NYSE: SO) is America’s premier energy company.
The Atlanta-based conglomerate contains numerous subsidiaries,
offering electric utilities in four states and distributing natural gas
in seven. Through its unified efforts, the Southern Company family
produces 46,000 MW of generating capacity and 1,500 billion cubic
feet of combined natural gas consumption and throughput volume
– effectively serving nine million customers.

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