Ensuring Compliance and Peace of Mind

Information Security for operations

At Securicon, we help our customers seamlessly integrate and manage all of their Information Technology (IT) operations. Our information security consultants are dedicated to securing our clients’ systems and networks, enabling compliance with applicable regulations, guidelines, and directives.

Our consulting services are supported by a large group of skilled, highly-accomplished security professionals. These team members are driven to excel, constantly looking for new methodologies and techniques to help our customers prevail in the technical security arena. With decades of combined experience, the Securicon team has valuable insight into real-world strategies – which in turn ensures real-world success.

Comprehensive Security Services

The Securicon team includes both IT and Operational Technology (OT) engineers. These experts practice across a wide spectrum of professional security services, allowing experiences gained in one discipline to assist in solving problems in another.

With years of evidence at our fingertips, we can tailor safeguards to meet any situation. Unlike our competitors, our recommendations are based on actual practices and results.

Our Technical Consulting Services include:

  • Vulnerability Assessments – Identifying and prioritizing weak spots to protect mission-critical processes
  • Penetration Assessments – Figuring out where unauthorized access can occur and how it can happen
  • Security Architecture Review & Design – Establishing strategies with strong, effective security controls
  • Social Engineering Assessments – Highlighting weaknesses in internal training and procedures
  • Staff Augmentation – Enhancing our clients’ teams with Securicon expertise
Are you ready to truly govern your IT operations?

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