Supporting Human Capital

Humans tend to be the weakest links in the security process. Whether an employee becomes the victim of a phishing scheme or allows an attacker entry into a restricted area via tailgating, there are many ways that your workforce can undermine your defenses.

Securicon’s Social Engineering Assessments serve as valuable tools in understanding your organization’s security posture.

The assessments can:

  • Evaluate the risk of social engineering attacks on your organization, based on weaknesses in procedures and training
  • Demonstrate how social engineering vulnerabilities can result in real-world network, system, and physical access compromises
  • Prepare remediation strategies to improve your organization’s overall security well-being, with thorough implementation plans
Stronger, Effective Security

The best cyber defenses in the world can still fall prey to human error and negligence. Our Social Engineering Assessments identify both manual processes and areas of security training that need to be addressed within your organization and its facilities. Combined with our network and physical penetration testing, these assessments can give you a full, 360-degree view of your security operations.

Does your enterprise need to strengthen its human element?

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