Fighting Against the Inevitable

The number of malicious attacks on corporate and Federal computer systems is constantly growing. In today’s tumultuous cyber environment, it is imperative to find the weak spots in your vital assets and take corrective action – before attackers get the chance to damage or steal your sensitive data.

Conducting a network Vulnerability Assessment (VA) on your own organization has changed from a beneficial activity into a necessary one. Securicon’s skilled team of engineers identifies weaknesses and prioritizes them. We collect data from automated vulnerability scanners, proprietary tools, and manual assessment efforts to create a normalized list of identified exposures.

Vulnerabilities are then manually validated in order to determine:

  • If the respective, reported vulnerability represents an actual exposure
  • How an exposure may impact systems on the network
  • If mitigating factors or prerequisites may prohibit a vulnerability from being exploited in certain conditions
Better, Deliberate Assessments

Raw VAs that come from tools or online services typically identify thousands of granular vulnerabilities and rate them according to technical severity. Securicon’s VAs are different; we take both technical aspects and your mission-critical processes into consideration. Our recommendations address your IT architecture and business functions, and if needed, offer multiple alternatives to remediate issues.

At Securicon, we strive to improve our customers’ vulnerability management programs. Our strategic guidance helps organizations prevent future vulnerabilities – making our VAs calculated tools for enhancing overall network security.

  • Access Control
  • Application
    • API
    • Mobile
    • Source Code Review
    • Thick Client
    • Web HTTP
    • Web Services
  • Device
    • Appliance
    • Server/Work Station
  • Network
    • Cyber Hunt
    • External
    • Internal
    • War Dial
    • Wireless
Where are the weak spots in your cyber fortifications?  Download our checklist.

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