Through our years of experience within cyber security, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are unique. There is a blend of old and new technologies. Critical infrastructure security comes in many sizes but only one principle is constant, high availability. Many clients within critical infrastructure and security is becoming more of a concern. We believe it’s necessary for professionals who work for critical infrastructure organizations understand the business of Operational Technology (OT) and how to secure it. Our Senior Security Engineer, Harry Thomas, will be writing a series of blog posts that go from starting out in ICS (Building an ICS Lab) to advanced ICS security research topics. Check out the blog posts below to learn more about ICS.

  1. What’s the Difference Between OT, ICS, SCADA and DCS?
  2. Ingredients for an ICS Lab: How to Build an ICS Lab from Scratch Part 1
  3. Threat Prevention with the MITRE ATT&CK Matrix