AcuSec® is a critical infrastructure risk assessment service and a DoE-approved cyber security program.  Securicon has used AcuSec® to assess 40+ critical infrastructure systems and our engineers have worked with industry leaders to refine the process to become simple and repeatable.

Our customized service includes:
  • Leverages an industry proven security framework and associated tools and capabilities
  • Identifies and expresses cyber risk in practical, normalized and quantitative terms
  • Provides standardization for:
      • Understanding of impact and scoring
      • Reporting key risk metrics and ROI’s

AcuSec® also creates an efficient and repeatable assessment process,  aids in prioritizing risk mitigation efforts through cost-benefit analysis, and enables real-time visualization of risk mitigation progress.

Contact us today at (571)-253-6565 to find out how Securicon’s AcuSec® service can provide the critical and timely information you need to protect critical systems.