Security Solutions that Are Right on the Money

Cyber Security Services Most financial services organizations struggle with two potentially conflicting forces. On the one hand, their customers — individual consumers as well as commercial clients — want the convenience and speed of online access and electronic transactions. But at the same time, increasingly brazen cyber attacks from individual criminals, nation states, and even terrorist organizations are forcing these organizations to make their existing security posture even stronger and more resilient.

The complexity of the challenge doesn’t end there, however. For example, many of these companies also have obligations to provide certain levels of assurance in the protection of public funds. Meanwhile, the rapid development of new technologies and options, from cloud computing to social media, are redefining the way organizations interact with customers, strategic partners, and other stakeholders. Creating the right level of security in this environment is often a difficult balancing act — but also a high-stakes business requirement.

Securicon provides a number of security services that are uniquely focused on assisting companies in the Financial Services industry, including banks, commercial lenders, brokerages, payment processors, on-line trading companies, and stock exchanges. Securicon’s assessment services, such as penetration and vulnerability assessments and application security services,  are tailored to validate the effectiveness of each client’s security program(s). Our security services most often requested by our financial industry customers include:

  • Vulnerability and Penetration Assessments
  • Application Security Services
  • Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC)
  • Security Architecture Consulting
  • Other Security Services
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