Today’s Federal managers with information security responsibilities are often stretched thin and do not have the time or resources to stay current with applicable Federal laws, regulations, standards and guidelines. To achieve success, these Federal managers need to be operating under an Information Security Program that has the correct policies, procedures and resources aligned to ensure all areas of information security and information assurance are appropriately understood and addressed. A successful information security program starts with ensuring a proper security organization exists and necessary resources are available.

The areas that Information Security Programs encompass include:

· System, Data, Asset Identification
· System Access Control
· Computer and Network Management
· System Development Life Cycle
· System Configuration Management (hardware and software maintenance)
· System Authorization
· Privacy and Data protection
· Incident Response
· Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning
· Personnel Security
· Physical Security
· Others – depending on Department, Agency or mission space

For more than 15 years, Securicon has helped numerous Federal Departments and Agencies build and improve Information Security Programs. Securicon consultants provide advice and support at the CIO/CISO; Systems Development; and Systems Operations levels – to ensure the entire Information Security Program works seamlessly and effectively.